We’re welcoming contributions of all kinds. For bigger things, please first open an issue so we can discuss and not waste anybody’s time.


First, fork and clone the repo. Or if you have contributor access, clone the main repo directly:

cd ~/code
git clone git@github.com:kvz/invig.git
cd invig

and be sure to branch out:

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout -b <your-feature-or-fix-name>

Now, feel free to make changes.


Invig tests by converting legacy code and comparing the output of the process, as well as the actual resulting ES6 code to Jest snapshots bundled with this repo.

To test against the snapshots:

npm run test

To build new snapshots:

npm run test:update

Be sure to carefully inspect the Git diff before committing new snapshots.


If the new snapshots look as intended, commit your work and the snapshots.

git add -p
git commit
git push

Now you can send a PR for your branch or fork against kvz/master, we’ll review, and hopefully, merge :tada: :smile:

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